Version 17.0 Release Notes – Released October 4th, 2019

* This release requires that you clear your browser cache. Instructions can be found here.

UI Enhancements – List Management

  • List Management has been updated with a new User Interface Grid.
    • By Job ID and By Vendor are now tabs
    • Save Grid Preferences allows the user to save the current filter criteria
    • Grid can be expanded to add more rows and to open the rows
    • Select By options have been expanded to include Equals and Contains
    • Date options have been added
    • Export Grid to Excel option has been included
    • Update All has a modified User Interface – includes all List and Item fields
    • Link to Item Detail now contains full Item Detail screen as a pop-up window for editing and saving Item Details.

UI Enhancements – Item Detail

  • Item Detail has been updated with a new User Interface.
    • Function buttons have all been moved to the top of the tab pages
    • Schedule Subject and Details have been added on Item Detail to show in the Schedules.
    • Item Details can be collapsed
    • Item Detail page can also be accessed from List Management

New Features

  • PDF Optimization – added the capability to optimize PDF documents to reduce the size for emailing reports from the system.
  • Added APIs for Job Costs and Item Charges
  • Added capability to Download All Documents as a zip file

Enhanced Features 

  • Breadcrumbs now contain Job IDs
  • List Fields have been added to the Auto Task feature
  • Portal menus have been updated to be consistent with the main application – ALL

Resolved – Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect decimal place in Dashboard/Test Plans % Complete
  • Cannot delete photos in Vendor Portal after checkbox is checked in pop up
  • List Type drop down shows deleted list types
  • Job Documents – Error with checked box ‘Show in Project Portal’
  • Item Detail data export pulling wrong staff member
  • Task Manager – Task color is not consistent
  • Make vendor info from Job Portal hover over a setting
  • Service Requested field overlapping with Billing section when printing Work Order
  • When uploading 6 pictures from the vendor portal only 2 upload to Item
  • Copying a Task Template does not transfer tasks because of ‘Name’ field
  • Misspelling in System Settings -> Settings
  • Approving vendor changes does not save information
  • Job ID terminology not updating
  • Formatting error in ‘Action Taken History’ when closing item
  • Contact data export returning incorrect data
  • Contact data export does not return filtered information
  • Unit field not displaying data in Company portal
  • SMS Text from Correspondence doesn’t work with all Sites
  • Vendor Portal saving is erroring when Full Name is too long
  • Blank pages when printing multiple work orders
  • Job Custom Export – Secondary Email field doesn’t populate
  • Text Notification does not populate “List Type” field
  • Inspection Report Not printing
  • Date formatting not displayed per settings on “Action Taken” entry items
  • Date formatting not consistent in Portals
  • Global Search “Job Contact Phone #” does not work
  • Filtered Job Browser not Exporting Grid Data to Excel properly