Save Time and Money With Cloud-Based Technology

Streamline the Inspection Process

Inspection functions at the wellhead, midstream or at the refinery are the backbone for safe and reliable plant operations, and play a pivotal role in efficiently achieving the desired production target, and profitability for the company. With Inspection Manager, you get a QA/QC Inspection solution that is fast, easy and reliable. The secret, mobile technology that allows the operator and the plant to utilize the platform for operations such as:

  • Daily Rounds and Readings
  • PM Checklists
  • Outage Quality Inspections
  • Capture pictures, annotate documents, create sketches, track jobs, and update work orders all in the field.
  • Schedule and conduct inspections in the field and on the fly.
  • Review test plans and action points in the field, no more clipboards or binders.
Download the Overview Datasheet

Ensure Fulfillment of Statutory Requirements

A written record is a must. In addition to daily rounds, readings, preventative / predictive maintenance, and outage inspections that create automated data reports, Inspection Manager allows the operator to add narrative information throughout the shift.

  • Easily liaise with regulatory bodies
  • Document Important Events
  • Asset protection with track & trend reports
  • Collaborative data integrates with other software

Automate Your Daily and Outage Inspections and Test Plans

Save thousands of hours by using standardized Test Plan templates that can be customized for each outage, preventive maintenance inspection or daily rounds and readings.

  • Create your own Test Plan action points.
  • Attach documents, standards, MAPs and reference inspections to each test plan task.
  • More convenient and easy to use; Intuitive Inspections is easy to learn with point and click menus.