Make your inspections as solid as your construction

Safety and quality come first. Failures in the inspection process expose you to risk and can cost you dearly in rework and reputation.

Inspection Manager automates, standardizes, and manages the inspection of steel construction to help you fast track your QA reviews, reduce errors. and save money.

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Better for your business

Save money

  • Complete your inspections, review issues found, and complete them in the field to reduce costly visits to job sites.

Speed turnaround

  • Automate the inspection process to reduce reporting time.
  • Use standardized templates to automate your quality assurance test plans and save hundreds of hours.

Increase accuracy

  • Assign issues to the appropriate individuals to eliminate duplicate entry and reduce the chance of error.

Do more in the field

With the easy-to-learn Inspection Manager mobile app there’s little need to make repeat trips back to the home office.

  • Capture pictures, annotate documents, create sketches, track jobs, and update work orders.
  • Schedule and conduct inspections.
  • Review test plans and action points without the need for clipboards or binders.

Automate Your Test Plan Process

Save thousands of hours by using standardized test plan templates that can be customized for each project.

  • Create your own Test Plan action points.
  • Add in welding certifications and weld maps
  • Attach documents, standards, MAPs and reference inspections to each test plan task.