Release Notes in 2016

Inspection Manager Version 8.0 Release Items: 9/10/2016

New Features:

Save & Add Copy Modifications: This modification allows the user to quickly and easily Copy the information from an existing job to a new job in just a few clicks.  This takes a complicated 7 steps process down to a 1 page form.

From the Job Detail page, click the Save & Add Copy button at the bottom of the page.

From the new page, the user can fill in the new Job information including Office Location, Closed Date, and Job Notes.  After hitting Save, the new job will be created and appropriate notifications will be emailed out.

Change all reporting search parameters for address to also contain Job Name: With this modification, on any report where users have the ability to search for a job by address, they can now also search for the job based on the Job Name.  The parameters are Job Name Begins With and Job Name Contains.


Add Job Picture to the Job Detail Page: Users now have the ability to upload a picture of the structure to the Job Detail page in place of the Green Home Icon next to the customer detail.  To add the picture, click the Image button underneath the Green house and then select the picture to upload.

To view the picture in full scale, click on the picture and it will open in a new window.  The maximum file upload size is 10 MB in PNG, JPG or JPEG format. NOTE:  This picture will transfer to a new job when Save & Add Copy is used.

Remove “Welcome” message on Home Page: We have modified the Home Page to remove some verbiage about the New Home Page from underneath the Welcome Message.

Disable ‘Enter’ key input on Job Entry when Global Search is not selected: Prior to this feature, if a user had a search term sitting in the global search and was performing another task, like List Management, and they accidentally hit Enter, it would perform the search in Global Search.  Now, the only time the Enter key works is if there is a Search Term in the Global Search and the input box is selected.

Handle Inactivating Communities (Projects) in a better way: Prior to this feature, it was possible for a user to inactivate a company even if the company had Jobs Active within the system.  When this occurred the Company was then removed from the job and would cause errors on the job.

With this feature, when in a Community with Active Jobs, it will give a summary of Jobs, Losses and Work Orders Active for the company.  Users can now inactivate all of the jobs by clicking the Red Inactivate All button, then they can inactivate the community.

Add to Inspection Exceptions detail report – Images and allow to print from Job: This feature adds Line Item Images onto the Inspection Exceptions detail report.  This also now allows the user to Print the Exceptions Detail report directly from the Inspections tab on the Job Detail page.

Add a button on a tools page that allows the user to add an inspection to all jobs for a community: When using Inspections, the user now has the ability to assign one or multiple Inspections to all job for a particular company.  They can also narrow down by address too.  This can be found by going to Help/Tools à Tools à Assign Inspections to Communities/Jobs

Add Email address to the List Summary Report of the Primary and Secondary Contact: On the List Summary Report (Reports à List à List Summary), the email for the Primary and Secondary contact was added to the report.

Request for Bid added to Work Order (Item) Detail: On the Work Order Detail Page, a new feature call Request for Bid was added.  This feature allows the user to send a Request for Bid to One or Multiple vendors for a particular project.  Once bids are received back from the Vendor, they can enter the bid amount to keep track of all bids.  This feature has to be turned on from the System Settings page in order to work.

On the List Inspection Report – move images to Portrait vs. Landscape: From the Job Detail Page, under the Losses Tab, there is the ability to Print and Inspection Report.  Previously the Pictures included on this report were all formatted Landscaped.  Now pictures appear in a Portrait format.

On Vendor and Item Summary report criteria, show check box for customer requested:   The ability to display the custom request was added to the vendor and item summary report.  You must check the box in the report criteria to select the “customer request” for it to appear in the report.

Web API Changes:   New Web Service API’s were added to integrate with the new Intuitive Inspections – Native Inspection Application.

Vendor Portal Documents Respect the Vendor’s Location (Site) they are assigned to:   Vendor Documents assigned as Master Documents respect the site the vendor is assigned to and the master documents from that site.

Document Improvements:  The documents section of the system on jobs/vendors/communities (Projects) has been improved to allow for faster document upload, to signal you if a document you are uploading exceeds the 10MB size constraint and also to parse out and manage larger group file uploads (100 + MB).  The following message notifies the user of the file upload progress and status!

Internal Security Upgrade:  With this release we have made substantial changes to the security and strength of passwords used within the system.  This applies to all Logons including, Employee, Homeowner/Client logins, Community logins and Vendor Logins.  User’s passwords will now need to comply with a strength meter of at least a Weak password. i.e. 1234 is no longer an acceptable password.  NOTE: All existing user passwords will be grandfathered in and will not change, this will apply to new logins created and any user that forgets their current password.  

If a user forgets their password, they can simply click the “Forgot your password?” link, enter their username and they will receive an email with a link to reset their password.

When creating a new login for an employee, vendor, customer or community contact, you have the ability to manually create a new password or click the Generate Password button and a password will be created for you.

After the login is created, you are now no longer able to see what the user’s password is.  If they forget their password, you can click the Send Reset Email button and the user will have receive an email with a link to reset their password.

Vendor Portal Signature on closing work orders allowed with item progress is between Scheduled for review through work completed: On the vendor portal, the vendor could only sign off, with a homeowner signature – work orders that were marked work completed.  This has been changed to allow for signature from progress scheduled for review, through work completed.

Resolved Bugs:

<<Current Date>> Merge Code does not work: The <<Current Date>> Merge Code field for Merge Documents was not populating correctly when documents containing that field were merged on a job.  This has been resolved and the field now works.


Community (Project) Contact Logon does not check for Duplicate Usernames: When a user would give a Community Contact a login for the Company Portal, it would not verify against all other logins that the Username was unique.  This has been resolved and if a username is duplicated, a pop up appears notifying the user that the username is not unique.

Error on list management:   Mail merge on list management was causing an error when you were searching by vendor.  The error was not sending out an email when you hit proceed.   This was fixed and the email is going out now.


Vendor Rating not being calculated correctly:   The vendor rating was not being calculated properly, it was showing a red classification when it fell into a negative calculation.  This was occurring when a vendor had suspended items.  The suspended period has been removed from the calculation and the issue has been resolved.


Tab order on the update all selected items does not follow properly the sequence of events:    On list management screen when you click on update all items, the tab order was not working properly.  This has been resolved.

Schedule – Print List pulls wrong dates when going by month view:   When printing the list from the schedule month view for an employee, and excluding repair WOs, (only showing supervisor schedules) it pulls a report of every schedule event from the past year, not including the month that is selected.  This only happens in the month view, not the week or daily views.   This has been resolved.

Vendor Portal; Submitting date changes in vendor portal shows as Mountain Time, scheduled time & did not work in safari:    This was an issue related to using the browser’s time and date for representing the scheduled date.   We resolve this issue.


8.0 Job portal is not functioning as designed:   In some browsers the submit request portion of the job browser was not working properly.


Schedule – Large number of items impacts ability to view by month:    When over 100 items were scheduled in a particular month the view by month would overflow on the browser page.  This was resolved.




Inspection Manager  7.6 Release Notes 6/22/2016


  • When accepting Vendor Changes and the Scheduled Time is left blank, an error was produced.  Fixed by making the time a required field when adding a new Time the Vendor Portal.
  • In the schedule, when you try to edit a user-created recurring schedule item, it won’t let you edit the parent.Now can edit the parent.
  • In the Job Snapshot when a List Closed Date was entered the List Status was not changing to Closed, now it does.
  • When entering a new Project, the Project name field was allowing more characters to be entered than the field maximum; added an error message to restrict the entry to 120 characters.
  • When entering date changes in the Vendor Portal in some instances Mountain Time was defaulting; user’s local time is now the default.
  • If a Job was deleted, the system was not noting in the database who deleted the Job and the date the Job was deleted. This has been resolved.
  • Contacts> Job Contacts> Search By Phone Number – The search field was using the (___) ___-____ format. This search filed has been changed to a free form entry.
  • If an apostrophe was used in an Employee Name field (think O’Brien or O’Malley) errors were produced with date-time functions.
  • In certain circumstances when printing work orders from various screens errors were produced. This has been resolved.


Inspection Manager 7.5 Release Notes 5/2016


  • Job Portal Secondary Contact Info – Username and Password were not displaying correctly.


Inspection Manager  7.4 Release Notes 5/2016


  • Job Warranty Date Expired not showing correct date on /Reports/Dispatch/CriteriaDispatchDaily
  • Budget costs rolling to the job are not removed when work order is deleted
  • Vendor Portal Reports not working correctly
  • Job end date on production schedule not displaying correctly
  • Item Budget disappears from item after rolled to job costs
  • Added old Multiple Photo Upload function back into Job Documents

Inspection Manager Manager 7.3 Release Notes 5/8/2016

Database optimizations

Error when very specific phone number characters were entered in phone # fields


Inspection Manager 7.2 Release Notes 5/1/2016


Job Documents – When a document was in a folder it could not be deleted.

Moving a Job from one site to another created a false error message.  A new message appears noting the successful Job move.


Inspection Manager – Version 7.1 – Release Notes – 4/25/16


  • Problems printing within the Vendor Portal
  • Error Message: [System.ArgumentException] The relative virtual path ‘Project.Mobile.Master’ is not allowed here. – – Mobile Manager users could not access Projects.
  • Correspondence Zoom name/date/time stamp
  • Memorized Reports  Not functioning Correctly


Inspection Manager – Version 7.0 – Release Notes – 4/22/16

  • New User Interface, expanded displays; Job list is configurable with column editor and sorting.
  • Bread Crumb’s icon moved to upper right next to global search boxes.
  • New Documents and Pictures Functions; Default and Job folders, drag and drop, columns with sort and search functions, faster thumbnail display and review.
  • New Dashboard Panels: % Complete and Inspection Summary.
  • Primary Contact information has been added to the Task Quick Email option
  • The Vendor Item Summary can now be run even if the Vendor Rating is not enabled.
  • PLM – We added warranty Mechanical, it should auto calculate off of the sold date (Like expiration, and Structural)
  • Improve License Users Logged In Management System to work with Persistent Cookies (Remember Me)
  • Email on owner portal submission: change to add valuable content
  • Add Tax amount to work order Billing – See user story
  • Add to email and mail merge fields – Disp_EndTime
  • Added the ability for Vendors to capture signatures in the Vendor Portal.


  • Item summary Report – Now sub-totaling properly