Release Notes in 2015

Inspection Manager – Version 6.1.2 – Release Notes – 7/17/15

Added: Attached Documents to Purchase Orders

Added: Checkbox to Inspection Template - for Receiving PO only.

Added: Purchase order, allow to sort columns.

Added: Remove duplicate PO number and Job Labels on the PO Receiving Reports.



Inspection Manager – Version 6.0.1 – Release Notes – 5-8-15

Issues Resolved:

Resolved:   The outline on the site select screen does not support more than 25 sites

Resolved:  SQL for "Off Suspension, Not Sent" was wrong it was corrected to properly show “Not Sent” when the suspension ends.

Resolved:  On several reports, under the title is a secondary header showing the date criteria. The header was not displaying the correct terminology.

Resolved: Issue when adding a new job test plan task. Whenever you add a task to a test plan on a job it throws up this error. However, the new task is saved to the template even though the error pops up 

Resolved: Error adding new list after Save & Add Copy Job produces an error.

Resolved: Deleting a project does not update changed by and changed date.

Resolved: Schedule view does not display information (Blank)

Resolved: On Job Contact Detail, message requires valid email but still saves.

Resolved: Calendar view - When adding a calendar event to an employee it does not save 

Resolved: Quick Add Lead - Primary Contact Phone Number does not pull through

Resolved: Tasks – user cannot edit


New Features Added:

IM List/Item Summary Panel

Add Items Due Today, this will change to yellow when the item is due today. Items due today will no longer populate in Overdue.

Added:  Add Job Name to email and document merges.

Added:  The ability to use or set a Job Name on Jobs, and added Job Name to reports

Added:  Limit tasks and schedules to show only employees whose home site is in the site(s) logged into and employees with no home site. Limit tasks and schedules that are attached to projects and jobs to those that are in the site(s) logged into.

Added:  Terminology Change for Job Costs tab and Estimate

Added:  Task Drop Down Type & Task Complete and Add

  1. Add a new drop down to system settings called Task Types, that can be selected when adding new tasks – “Select from drop down task type”.
  2. Add the ability to select a task type from the drop down list or type in a Task Title on their own.
  3. Add the ability to add a new task while viewing another task.
  4. Add a quick complete on the task panel, so employees can quickly complete tasks.

Added:  Task Accountability Panel

  1. On the dashboard Task Accountability Panel, add two new columns: “Next 7 days” and “8- 30 Days”.
  2. On Tasks page, add to the search drop down the new columns: “Next 7 days” and “8- 30 Days”.

Added:  Create a new dashboard panel called Tasks Due.




Inspection Manager – Version 5.6.5  – Release Notes – 3-17-15

Issues Resolved:

Resolved:   Task Detail getting error when entering greater than and less than symbols in the task detail area.

Resolved:  The Job Schedule would not allow you to save an event for the same day (3/17/15 to 3/17/15), this has been resolved.

Resolved:   Quality Process unable to delete QP regardless of the login type there are no permissions for QP other than the ability to re-open a closed QP. The delete should be an option for a full admin.

Resolved:  If an apostrophes is in the input field “Vendor status report footer” it will cause an error when the page is saved.

Resolved:  If an “ “, or an apostrophe is in the Red Flag Notes it was causing an error on save, this has been resolved.

Resolved:  The Action Taken History on the work order/item detail – was not editable in Firefox for admin, this has been resolved.

New Features Added:

Added:  Notifications and Determinations on the Charges Detail report.  On the Charges detail report the ability to run a report for only a certain item determination has been added, and the ability to run the report only on Items that have back charges (faulting vendors).


Inspection Manager – Version 5.6.0  – Release Notes – 1-4-15

 Issues Resolved:

Resolved:  The identified Firefox Issue with Merge Documents has been resolved.

Resolved:   When adding an employee it was defaulting to inactive, and an error would occur saying the employee ID already exists.  This has been resolved.

Resolved:  Typo on Vendor Insurance Summary Report, this has been resolved.

Resolved:  Value Based Inspection pictures do not populate on the last page, this has been resolved.

Resolved:  List Reassignment not working in Firefox

Resolved:   Increased the size of the “S” on the List Management screen as reported, the Action Taken "S" button not visible.

Resolved:   The Job Document Merge was not checking "Viewable by Homeowner" when checked in packet.  It is now resolved.

Resolved:   The List Management - List order was not using the open date on the list, it is now.

Resolved:   When saving items and changing the vendor at the same time, the item would not close properly.

Resolved:  There was an error on the Job Detail Lists tab - Issue/Error on Safari browser

Resolved:  The title on the Data export / mail merge page was not correct, resolved.

Resolved:  When adding a new employee record the status should default to active instead of inactive.


New Features Added:

Added:  Project Portal - showing jobs in certain progress levels (critical for Hays and Sons and Brouwer Brothers)

Added:  Custom Error Pages when the system stops performing.

Added:  Inspection manager - add inspector name to each report below reports ID

Added:  Major Dashboard Changes

1).       Information buttons were added to all panels to explain where the information is coming from.

Added:  We re-implemented breadcrumbs, you must go to System> Settings, and turn on the check box for (Show Breadcrumbs in the header)

Added: The item completed date is missing from email merge fields

Added:  On the vendor tab at the job level, display a hover over (like correspondence) to show vendor info

Added:  New Menu Bar at top of screen to increase performance.