Release Notes 2014
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Inspection Manager – Version 5.5.3 – Release Notes – 12-15-14

Issues Resolved

Resolved:  Items – Double Clicking was creating duplicates, this has been resolved.

Resolved:  Edit template name and copying the test templates was not working.  This has been resolved.


New Features Added:

Added:  On Test plan templates, add the action points and carry them forward to test plans that are edited.

Added:  Add in Dashboard navigation an icon for Test plan templates  and Inspection template  pressing these icons takes you right to the area of the system.

Added:  For Test Plans – Provided a mechanism for the customer to take a fully adjusted test plan and copy it to a new job.

Added:  Do not display N/A on any reports, the label or anything, so if it’s NA remove the label, and the task result.

Added:  Added a new job browser to show the layout of the job screen to show the following: Job ID, Customer, EIT Plan by, Install Location, End User, # of Units, Product, Desc, Ship to Site Date, Open Issues/Defects, and red flag.



Inspection Manager – Version 5.3.2 Release as of August 31, 2014

New Features:

New Feature –   Homeowner Portal Submissions were improved – Homeowner portal submissions were improved to allow the property owner to save a request and later submit them.

New Feature –   Determination on work order by vendor – Added determination to work order by vendor.

Issues Resolved:

Resolved  –  Deleting job documents – An employee needs delete permissions at the job level in order to delete documents from a job.   This was changed to allow employees who have edit permissions  to add and delete documents from a job.

Resolved – Vendor Portal – Action taken causing error.  On the vendor action taken if dangerous characters existed it was causing an error.

Resolved Job screen – secondary contact title – The title for secondary contact was not displayed in the screen when the secondary contact had a title.

Resolved Item summary, sign-offs – The report was showing sign-offs for all (Staff, Owner, Vendor), when only one was signed off.



Inspection ManagerVersion 5.3.1 Release as of August 15, 2014

New Feature: Release Notes – Improved how we notify customers regarding releases.  A message has been added to thelogin screen displaying the version number and a link for the release notes.

Improved Feature: Mail Merge – Now displays how many records were found off the criteria that was applied before emailing the template.

Resolved: Job Detail-Plan – Unable to assign Plans & Options.

Resolved: Logons Page – Deleted Employees were displaying on the Logons Page.

Resolved: Company Correspondence – When deleting a Correspondence record the pop-up dialogue box would appear twice asking if you want to delete.

Resolved:  Vendor Insurance Limits – unable to saveVendor Insurance Limits at the System Settings level.

Resolved:  Item Detail – When selectingView Job’ a double click was required instead of a single click.

Resolved: Vendor – Required fields were displaying with a black message instead of Red.

Resolved: Vendor – When inactivating a Vendor the following error was displayed Could not find stored procedure ‘spRateVendors’.

Resolved: Job Detail-Lists – When expanding the items on the Lists page the Service Request column was displaying the entire Service Request instead of the 20 characters it was previously displaying.