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With 24 years of experience, Service Software offers the most effective QA / QC, Inspection workflow management software available. The Inspection Manager software platform is fully customizable, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. With Inspection Manager, you adapt the software to your QA / QC, Inspection process, not the other way around.

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Automate Your QA / QC, Inspection Processes with Inspection Manager Workflow Management Application

Inspection Manager workflow automation software enables organizations of every type to become more efficient and effective. By eliminating legacy paper-based processes, workflow automation makes your business better organized and more responsive. To understand how Inspection Manager software will enhance your QA / QC, Inspection processes, below is a list of key features.

Web Based Access

Web Based Access

Work from anywhere anytime. Inspection Manager can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet. Data is available from anywhere after the user logs in. This is a real bonus for productivity.



Team members can access QA / QC, Inspection tools on mobile devices, boosting productivity and maximizing sales. Information can be conveniently shared so everyone stays on the same page. Consequently, miscommunication can be reduced.



The Inspection Manager Dashboard is an easy to read, one page summary analysis of the information. It is an overview of your system at a glance. With this intuitive tool, you have the ability to customize the dashboard, drill into the detail, and develop custom reports all on one screen.


Subcontractor Portal

Collaborate with your subcontractors in a secure online environment. Designed to meet your business process needs. Any kind of information can be included your subcontractor portal.

Custom Workflow

Custom Workflow & Templates

Custom workflows can automate interactions among the people who participate in a process to improve how that process functions, increase its efficiency, and lower its error rate. And, the custom templates increase communication and efficiencies.


Integrated Communications

Inspection Manager’s integrated communication functionality establishes a mutually beneficial relationship among the organization, as well as with those outside the organization. Documents are easily organized, tracked and shared. Communications and inspections are stored in chronological order for historical reference.

Work Order

Work Orders

The Work Order functionality within Inspection Manager allows you to easily manage non-conformances, distribute internally or externally for resolution and track status of the resolution.


KPI Management

Managers easily stay in touch with employees or subcontractors progress during every phase of the QA / QC, Inspection process. Employees and subcontractors see the overall QA / QC objective, and understand how their individual efforts fit into the company's quality objectives, creating a situation in which employees and subcontractors feel energized and engaged in the success of the company.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Inspection Manager software has multiple tools that collect and sort data from inspections. This data is then used to develop custom reports, trends, and graphs which provide an overall view of the companies or products quality status, and improves the operational control of your company.


Financial Integration

Inspection Manager was designed to integrate with your companies accounting software. Being integrated with the companies accounting software truly allows you to capture the cost of quality.