Fabrication & Manufacturing
Save money by completing inspections in the field

With Inspection Manager You Can:

  • • Save money by completing inspections in the field.
  • • Reduce the time to complete reports by automating the inspection process
  • • Automate your quality insurance test plans by using standardized templates and saving hundreds of hours.
  • • Eliminate duplicate entry by assigning issues to the appropriate person, team and trade partner.
  • • Review items found during the inspection process and complete them in the field, saving staff time.

Download the Overview Datasheet


Inspection Manager Dashboards

Surface Tablet

Inspection Manager Goes Mobile:

  • • Capture pictures, annotate documents, create sketches, track jobs, and update work orders all in the field.
  • • Schedule and conduct inspections in the field and on the fly.
  • • Review test plans and action points in the field, no more clipboards or binders.
  • • More convenient and easy to use; Inspection Manager Mobile is easy to learn with point and click menus.


Automate Your Test Plan Process:

  • • Save thousands of hours by using standardized Test Plan templates that can be customized for each project.
  • • Create your own Test Plan action points.
  • • Attach documents, standards, MAPs and reference inspections to each test plan task.


Power Plant Test Plan Data Sheet