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Reducing Downtime With Better Maintenance Management



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Ensure Maintenance Resolution with Inspection Manager.Net™  


Reducing downtime is at the top of every manager’s list. When assets are not available, customer service and revenue suffers, costs increase, and satisfaction plummets.


Here’s how to reduce downtime. Upgrade your service event management and preventive maintenance programs. More than 80% of a service event has nothing to do with turning a wrench. It’s administrative and management time. You need a system that minimizes that overhead. You need a system that enhances preventive maintenance; one that spots and highlights inspection abnormalities.


Inspection Manager.Net™ will save you thousands of hours. Standardized Test Plan templates can be customized for each outage, preventive maintenance inspection or daily rounds and readings. 


Inspection Manager.Net™  allows your enterprise to communicate with field technicians and vendors via the Internet 24/7/365. Manage open, closed, and pending requests and service work orders real time anywhere you have web access. Use a collaborative schedule to know when your field technicians and your trade partners are scheduled for inspection and repair of assets.



Admin Tasks Do Not Increase Uptime 

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